Days Seven / Eight Streaming Videos

After some early morning preparations, Day Seven began at 11am on Saturday morning and ended well into Day Eight at 6am on Sunday morning. In the nineteen hours I worked, I continued to adhere parts of Amber Doll's "breadbowled" damaged flesh onto Tilikum's skeleton (made from Amber Doll's) and the foam filler I created in his shape (made up of Amber Doll's chest cavity, thighs, arms, and calves).

As Tilikum began to take form, I adhered Amber Doll's skin to the silicone flesh I had alredy adhered to the skeleton / foam filler.

I photographed several steps of the process on my iPhone.

***THE FINALE will be Livestreamed: Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at 7pm cst. I'll be painting Tilikum and creating his teeth by dremeling them out of Amber Doll's skull).***

Please help me spread the word. Below is a FB/Twitter-ready post:

THE FINALE will be Livestream'd: TUESDAY at 7pm cst. See Tilikum come to life!

After Sunday's ban on Ustream, I have lasted six days on Livestream. All five streaming clips from Days Seven / Eight are below (also on Vimeo):