Day Five Streaming Videos

Today I disasembled Amber Doll's damaged PVC skeleton to create Tilikum's skeleton. I also began to sketch out the "forearm/breast" tail on my doll disassembly/whale assembly table. After Sunday's ban on Ustream, I have lasted four days on Livestream. All seven streaming clips are below (also on Vimeo):

****Tomorrow at 2pm cst Jeffrey Ventre MD, former Senior Trainer at Shamu Stadium (1987-1995) will Skype in to Amber Doll > Tilikum. Ventre is co-author of of the critical paper Keto and Tilikum Express the Stress of Orca Captivity (along with John S. Jett, Visiting Research Professor at Stetson University). Jeffrey Ventre worked with Tilikum during 1994-95 and now takes an evidence-based approach to marine mammal activism.

At 2:30pm cst Samantha Berg, also a former Sea World Trainer (1990-93) will join the conversation. Berg was working at Shamu Stadium the day Tilikum arrived at SeaWorld Orlando after he was moved from SeaLand of the Pacific (Victoria Canada) where he was involved in the death of trainer, Keltie Byrne. Berg is now an acupuncturist and the owner of an acupuncture center in Palmer, Alaska.****

Please spread the word widely about the above. If you have a blog or tumblr account and would like to promote the event, please pull any image you'd like from and link to  Here is a Facebook and Twitter-ready announcement:

starting 2p CST FRI, "Amber Doll > Tilikum" Skype Call with former SeaWorld Trainers > Marine Mammal activists

Still Images December 16, 2011 (Day Five)