"amberhawkswanson banned due to violating Terms of Service."

I'm working on getting back to live streaming.

If you have connections to anyone who administers a website that features a live stream or suggestions on another platform, please put me in touch:

I've uploaded the f4v files that UStream's software saved to my desktop before banning my account.


*Update, the response from UStream:


Unfortunately, it does not matter that the doll is not a real nude person. We
do not allow nudity of any kind to be broadcast on our site. This includes
artistic works, medical streams, sex toys, and silicone dolls. The fact that
this doll is anatomically correct places it in the category of nudity and is a
violation of our terms of service. Our site has an age limit of 13, so we
cannot be as objective as one might hope. No warnings are given because it is
expected that users understand these terms before broadcasting.