Amber Doll > Tilikum Pin-Up

I was Amber Doll, Amber Doll was me.

I transformed Amber Doll into a replica of Tilikum.

On February 7th—fifty days after the transformation—I branded my body with his name and Livestreamed the process; then wanted to embody Amber Doll again.

I shot a pin-up on Tilikum's transformation table.

A 5 Minute Excerpt of the tattoo process is below. (Full Livestream available here.) Also below are three pin-ups.

Performance: Amber Hawk Swanson
Tech Assistance + Magic + Support: Renato Velarde
Tattoo: Tattoos By Serena
Pin-Up Photography: Misty Winter
Hair Stylist + Makeup Artist (Tattoo Livestream): Sarah English