All That is Left of Amber Doll + Thank You / Credits

All That is Left of Amber Doll, January 2012

Amber Doll > Tilikum would not have been possible without the following people + communities + organizations + companies:

Renato Velarde, all things video & stills + tech + support
Sarah English
, Hair Stylist + Makeup Artist + all around amazing
Travis LeRoy Southworth
, color correction + early/long-running inspiration
Jenyu Wang, stills
Colin Lyons, documentation + knew Amber Doll in the early days

All of My Loyal Whale Whatchers but espeically Sam Feder (with special thanks), Gwen Locke Lis, Bea Bosco, Elizabeth Axtman (The Love Renegade), Christa Holka, Man Bartlett, Davecat, Alex Fullerton, Kristin Lohr, Lacie GarnesLilly McElroy, All Members of The Henbane Collective, Susan Locke Ashman, Kate Fisher, Heather Chappell Lohr, Amy Miller, Coya Paz, Jennifer Valles, Michelle Johns, Nina Xoomsai, Linda Barba, Ali McDonald, Cara Thaxton, Ben DeLaCreme, Nako Okubo  Michael Waugh, John Criscitello, Megan M. Gallagher, Emily Joseph, Cassie Sampson, Mitchell Squire, Jared Haberer, Rosel Kim, Julie Casper Roth, Pamela-Cleo Goddard, Kristen Martilla, Ryan Flynn, Sean Graney